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We are highly committed to using the finest, high-quality Full Spectrum CBD oil in every of our products.

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Soothing Muscle Rub with Full Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD, Arnica and Lavender by Plantgenic Embracing Nature

Soothing Muscle Rub with 150mg of Full Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD, Arnica and Lavender.
  • • Pure, Full-Spectrum CBD Cream

    Backed by the highest-quality ingredients, our non-GMO CBD Soothing Rub is rich in nutrients to provide mind and body support.

  • • Safe, Natural Anti-Inflammatory

    Designed to help relieve stiff joints and sore, aching muscles to help reduce recovery time and relieve pain.

  • The Quality

    Crafted with natural ingredients our formula offers a gentle, light fragrance that won’t overwhelm the senses for daily home or work use, made with 99.9% full spectrum CBD extract to get the most efficient support possible.

  • Made in the USA

    Every batch of Plantgenic Soothing Rub is made right here in America under strict guidelines to ensure we’re all about Embracing Nature safely. Our Customers satisfaction is our first priority, and we do not compromise on the quality of products.

The Beauty Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Skin

CBD oil is a naturally derived moisturizing agent directly extracted from the hemp plant. Widely recognized as a miracle oil, the organic solution is transforming the beauty industry as we know it. The major benefit of applying CBD oil to even the most sensitive facial skin is that it contains no chemicals, additives or preservatives. Hemp-derived CBD oil is nourishing, rejuvenating and all-natural. The omega fats, vitamins and rich antioxidants provide the skin optimal nourishment. When the cells remain moisturized and receive the vitamin content needed, it supports effective regeneration and has proven anti-aging. Apply hemp oil daily to prevent and minimize the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

What is Hemp-derived CBD Oil?

Hemp-derived CBD oil is oil that is derived through cold compression of the hemp plant. Although it comes from the Hemp plant, CBD oil does not contain the psychoactive properties. When using hemp-derived CBD oil products, you receive the beneficial solution including the antioxidants, fatty acids and nourishment that are so important for the maintenance of skin health. Hemp-derived CBD oil can hydrate your skin at the cellular level. It is the most deeply moisturizing product helping regenerate the cells for smoother, supple skin.

Compatible with all skin types

Hemp oil is compatible with dry, oily and combination skin tones. It is an effective product that has made hydrating and nourishing your skin at the cellular level, safe and effective. Learn of the many benefits hemp oil can provide for your skin and improve your beauty care regime. 

Customers satisfaction is our first priority, and we do not compromise on the quality of products.

100% Result Driven Products

Our products are guaranteed to give your skin a whole smoothing look by the effect of Hemp ingredients.

Quality Skin Care Products

Taking skin care demands physical and mental strength to the next level. We have the best quality products for all types of skin.

Cost effective Products under one roof

Are you conscious about your skin but prices are sky high in the market?  Plantgenic: Embracing Nature has high-quality health and skin care products at affordable prices.

What people think of Plantgenic products?

I've used CBD previously to treat anxiety and it's a huge help, so I was really interested in trying some kind of CBD for my carpal tunnel. Luckily, I was sent the link to this product and ordered it immediately. Within an hour of applying it to my wrists, I realized I had stopped flexing my arms and fingers to ease my pain because the cream had completely stopped it!

I am so pleased! The product goes on smoothly and easily, the scent is pleasant, there's no stinging or burning as there is for me with some other products, and the pain relief is nearly immediate. I'm very pleased to help support a family-owned business and also to be using natural ingredients rather than artificial chemicals.

This hemp muscle rub has ingredients I feel good about. No fake smelling menthol here! Just real oils and scents that are relaxing and provide relief for joint pain. I used this on my calves after a bad leg cramp. It helped the pain that lingered, and left my skin feeling soft, not greasy like many muscle rubs. 10/10 will buy again!