The benefit of Hemp derived CBD oil.

Hemp-derived CBD oil for a Healthy Skin and Body


While the healthcare benefits surrounding the cannabisplant have come under much scrutiny, there is no denying the powerful, natural ingredients that hemp-derived CBD oil can provide for the skin. Looking after your skin can provide soothing hydration, healing fatty acids and regeneration at a cellular level. From age prevention for a glowing skin, learn how you can improve your skin’s condition safely and naturally with hemp oil.


Why Use Hemp-derived CBD oil for Your Skin?

Hemp-derived CBD oil has gained increased attention and is a powerful and natural ingredient for the skin. Hemp-derived CBD oil contains the ideal blend of rich omega fats that is higher than flaxseed or fish oil in its purest forms. It incorporates linoleic acid an important skin enriching nutrient and is perfect for relieving skin inflammation.

Hemp-derived CBD oil is also packed with vitamins and minerals. Nutrients included in hemp oil range from magnesium and potassium to B-vitamins, Vitamin E and the only plant source of vitamin D. The combination of the magnificent nutrients has made this oil the best choice in beauty care for whole body skin health.

If you suffer from eczema or dry itchy skin prone to allergic reactions, the application of pure Hemp-derived CBD oil can help relieve the irritation and the inflammation. Without the use of prescription medication, you will find dry and distressed areas along your arms, legs and broader sections of your back and abdomen are soothed with regular oil usage. Apply a few drops of hemp oil into your bathing water and experience the nourishing qualities all over your body.

Even if you suffer from the driest skin, regular use of hemp oil will soon produce a smooth and soft result. The vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids are complex nutrients that work together to provide the deep nourishment and hydration your skin requires to stay healthy.

Using Hemp-derived CBD oil as a Facial Moisturizer

The beauty of hemp oil is its versatility. Whether oily, a dry or combination complexion, the non-comedogenic oil is nourishing and restores skin’s essential balance. Linoleic acid and essential fats work with the body’s natural processes to create a skin that is smooth.

Apply Hemp-derived CBD oil daily and combine with a sun protection cream to slow down the aging process and produce a beautiful complexion. The non-comedogenic properties support healthy skincare and prevent against blocking the pores responsible for acne and breakouts.

Hemp-derived CBD oil is deeply hydrating. It improves the moisture content in the skin without causing excessive oiliness. These nourishing oils go a long way to enhancing the condition of the skin. The ability to moisturize so deeply keeps the cells healthy and functioning optimally.



Plantgenic Embracing Nature – The Natural Skin Soothing Solution

From improving the condition of your skin to supporting an even tone and relieving irritations, Hemp-derived CBD oill should become part of your daily skincare regime. The safe and natural oil is a single solution for excessively dry skin, inflammation and helps to restore the beautiful glow you have always desired.