Anti Inflammatory Skin Care

It’s time to treat your body right, get the natural care you need to be back on track to being the best version of you. Plantgenic Ltd are the leading skincare provider, we have a wide range of experience with all manner of medicine and have perfected the hemp oil approach so that you get the best value for your money and ultimately, a product that is truly beneficial to your skin. Our products are all natural, all safe to use and all have nourishing qualities.

We have a wide variety of products, all beneficial and powerful to help your skin get its glow back. Whether you’re looking for something with that anti aging quality, or perhaps Anti-Inflammatory Skin care. Our hemp oil products will amaze you. We have more products already in the works at Plantgenic.

Our hemp-derived cream is made in a totally eco-friendly manner, without any animal testing and most importantly preservative and paraben free. This cream is rubbed on your elbows, back, knees, any painful areas. Not just will it give a cool sensation, the cream will work its magic and relieve you of pain, getting rid of your stiff joints, perfect for men and women alike.

So if you want products that are of a high standard of quality, good for both you and the environment, simply head onto our collections page and start browsing. If you want to get in contact, fill out the form here, or leave us your email.