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Hemp oil is renowned for being great for skin, thanks to its antiageing qualities and the fact it reduces levels of inflammation.

Hemp oil also moderates oil production, moisturises skin, and can help treat atopic dermatitis. It is also known to have a positive effect on our mental health and can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

If you’re looking for the finest quality skincare made using hemp oil, you’ll love our collections at Plantgenic.  

All our hemp oil skincare products are made in the USA and made using the best hemp-derived CBD oil that offers the most benefits for your skin. 

Established in 2019, Plantgenic Ltd is dedicated to bringing the best of natural skincare to market and are introducing a wide range of exciting products to our range. Our collection includes Hemp-Derived CBD Cream for pain relief that contains full-spectrum. hemp extract, Arnica and lavender.

Light-weight, gentle and non-greasy, this CBD cream is great for both the mind and body. A safe and natural anti-inflammatory rub, it’s ideal for stiff and sore joints.

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